VW Beetle lover designs home like his favorite car

by Shayne Rana

I love the VW Beetle. Never mind that it was designed by a tyrant it’s my dream to own one someday, somehow. But do you ever notice, no matter how much you may be a fan of something, there’s always someone out there who makes you seem like you’re just an average follower? Well as big a fan as I may be with my posters and models and T-shirts etc., Austrian engineer Markus Voglreiter took is fan-ism to a whole other level and designed his home to look like the car. Awesome! The house has two separate areas designed to suite the adults and the children. A barbecue pit is located at the rear so where the exhaust pipe would be and the headlights are actually the bedroom windows. All that’s left is to make it mobile. Sorry, that was spiteful but I’m jealous.

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