Vuzix Wrap 1200VR eyewear will bring the action closer

by Gareth Mankoo

I always loved the way these cool video eyewear devices function. The Vuzix Wrap 1200VR is something that brings about the magic that several such devices offered, from the house of Vuzix, and more. It packs VR (Virtual Reality) that adds more soul to the pictures you view. It will support widescreen 720p video with the latest 3D games and upgrade head tracking. The display will offer a 35-degree viewing field that is said to be the equivalent of viewing video on a 75-inch 3D display, located 10 feet away.

You can connect the Vuzix Wrap 1200VR to any graphic card and enjoy your 3D movies and games. It also connects to the Xbox 360 and PS3. $600.