Vuzix and NS Solutions Roll Out World’s First Optical Transmission Type HMD Glasses With AR technology

by ruchi

Vuzix Corporation had partnered with NS Solutions to dole out a HMD which will aid workers at manufacturing sites. These full-blown Augmented Reality Glasses comes with optical transmission based on the visual filed of naked eye. It also billed as the world’s first consumer optical transmission type HMD with basic AR functions. If you dig inside, you’ll find ultra small and light guiding lenses with which holographic films can be seen. It just weights 116g and has been proved to successfully support manufacturing operations. NS solutions have demonstrated their glasses which showed that when a brochure is viewed through the HMD, an image of a building appears on it. The glasses are presently in the production-ready stage and should be commercially available soon. It is kind of refreshing to see how AR can now find use for something other than high-fringed entertainment and gaming applications.