200HP Voxan Wattman is the most powerful electric cruiser on the planet

by Sayan Chakravarty

By looking at it, it might appear as an insanely fast street cruiser powered by a fire breathing huge capacity multi-cylinder engine. The insanely fast street cruiser bit is correct, but to everyone’s surprise, it is powered by an electric motor. Marking Voxan’s re-emergence as a motorcycle brand, Wattman is the first bike from the French company after Venturi picked up the brand in 2009. The all electric motorcycle was revealed at the ongoing Paris Motorcycle Show (le Salon de la Moto) as a part of Venturi’s new eco-friendly corporate plan. The Voxan Wattman might closely resemble the Ducati Diavel, but it’s much more powerful and faster than the latter. With aluminum cladding and sharp lines across the body, the electric bike has a futuristic appeal to it.

Billed as the world’s most powerful electric motorcycle, the Wattman’s electric powertrain produces 200 hp and 147.5 pound-feet of torque. It might weigh a hefty 350-kg (771.6-pound), but thanks to the powerful motor, the bike has some proper superbike credentials, at least on paper. The company claims, Wattman can accelerate from a standstill to 62mph under 3.4 seconds and It can hit 100mph in as little as 5.9 seconds. But all that extra weight means the bike needs heavy duty breaks to stop it; to quickly bring it to halt, the 18-inch carbon fiber wheels are fitted with Beringer 4D System quadruple disc system. The Wattman gets its power from a 12.8-kWh lithium battery which gives it a range of up to 180 kilometers (111.8 miles). The interesting bit about the electric bike however is its ability to charge to 80 percent capacity in under 30 minutes when hooked up to a fast charger using a DC Combo II connector. Each bike will be hand-built and made on-order basis, the price was not disclosed by Voxan.






[Via – Autoblog]

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