Votronic’s BlueBike system brings Bluetooth to the helmet

by Dhiram Shah

Votronic’s BlueBike system is a “modular communication system,” that allows you to communicate effortlessly with the outside world when on a bike. The helmets integrate Bluetooth and can be upgraded as per your requirements. The basic helmet allows you to hook on to your phone; two basic helmets versions are able to communicate with each other and everybody (rider & pillion rider) plus they can phone with their own Bluetooth mobile. The BlueBike Solo is a small device that can be used together with an MP3-Player or with a tuner as well as a walkie-talkie plus you can use it with your phone.

The BlueBike Premium version consists of a basic control unit, which is installed firmly at the bike. With this you can hook onto external audio sources ( e.g. tuner, MP3-player, etc.), the voice output of the navigation device, a mobile, which is not capable for Bluetooth and for a walkie-talkie. The battery on all the three systems last for at least 20 hours.
Votronic’s BlueBike system prices start at €350 ($481) and hike up depending upon the options chosen.

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