Volvo S60 comes with Pedestrian Detection System

by Gareth Mankoo

Volvo are already touted as the Gods of safety when it comes to automobiles. However, with their latest offering, the S60, we can pretty much be sure that the claim wasn’t in vain, that’s if you make up even a small portion of folks who doubt Volvo on this front. However, the S60 comes in with a cool Pedestrian Detection System that comes along with the in-collision detection system and auto-breaking. It empowers your car to make some pretty cool decisions and use the full brake power (should the driver not respond). Drivers speeding above 22MPH will be slowed down while those below the limit will be promptly stopped should the need arise.

This is bound to reduce the number of accident caused by Volvo S60 cars, but shouldn’t they be stuffed under every hood on the road?

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