Volvo unveils revolutionary external airbags to keep pedestrians safe

by Gavril Mankoo

Volvo has been known to have a healthy obsession with road safety and has been building extremely safe and sturdy vehicles since quite a while now. The Swedish manufacturer has now come up with a technology that’ll not only keep the driver inside safe, but also pedestrians! Using airbags that quickly pop out of a car’s wiper recess in event of an accident, this external airbag keeps pedestrians from hitting the windshield, one of the main causes of severe injury and death. Using seven forward-looking sensors that detect the presence of a human being, the system uses pyrotechnic charges that release pins anchoring the hood down just before the airbag is deployed in a hundredth of a second, enough time to keep a pedestrian from hitting the windshield and the A-pillars of a car!

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