Voltmaker says swing your way to recharging your devices, it’s all in the wrist

by Shayne Rana

I always love a good portable charging solution that’s innovative in design and uses some form of natural energy to get the job done. Voltmaker is just one of these devices. With the power of kinetic energy derived from a little flap that pops up and rotates around the top, this little flashlight sized (6.1-inches in length, 1.4-inches in depth) device is perfect for pretty much anyone, anywhere. And speaking of flashlights, the Voltmaker also has a little LED flashlight (over 20 lumens) attachment that fits into the USB slot at the top. There’s also talk about other add ons like a radio module or laser that would function with the device. But this is not some manual winding, crank-shafted gizmo, the Voltmaker is designed to be simpler and easier to use, and all you need is to swing your wrist.

A few quick swings and you should have enough power to give your handset a juice up enough to make a few calls or watch the end of that movie on your device. It would however take a couple of hours using the “swinging” method to charge up the fuel cells to capacity, so naturally the designers have included the option to use a power socket and cable as well. As added protection the Voltmaker is also designed to keep the elements at bay so moisture and dust won’t affect the internal functions at all. A microcontroller regulates the power effectively so that it doesn’t harm your devices by overcharging the battery.

This aluminium cylinder of extra power is still not ready to hit the mass production phase as the makers are working towards $200,000 of funding on Indiegogo. They’ve also offered their contributors a full refund should the campaign prove unsuccessful.

[Via – Psfk]

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