Volkswagen to give test drives of Golf R through edible print ads (figuratively)

by ruchi

We are familiar with images that can really make you smell food with eyes but I am not sure if visuals of roads and cars can have the same effect. Well Volkswagen begs to differ. The German auto maker is making print ads of the upcoming Golf R car which are actually edible. These have been incorporated in the Auto Trader magazine and it actually says “Eat the road.” The edible paper here is made from glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C color and glycerin. The whole idea behind this is giving people a test drive (in their mouth?!) right through their print ads. I think the smell car ads could still be appreciated as an innovative marketing strategy but I don’t I feel the same for these edible ones. Needless to say its obvious that you should simply read this ad instead of popping it in your mouth. I wonder if an image of plain road could actually make people eat it.


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