Volkswagen Park Assist Vision (PAV) – Parks without a driver

by Dhiram Shah

We have seen Parking assist systems from BMW, Siemens and Lexus, they were cool but still required a wii bit of human intervention as you need to step on the accelerator while the car parks itself. Taking this a bit further is the Park Assist Vision (PAV) from Volkswagen which will park you car in any spot parallel or perpendicular and the best part you dont have to be in the car. A PAV equipped car has a couple of cameras and ultrasonic sensors, you find the parking spot you want, select it on the touchscreen, place thee car in P and get out. Your remote control keyfob tells the car what to do from then on, and the car parks itself, shuts down and locks itself up. As seen in the video the car also moved out from the parking space with the touch of a remote. The technology is still under development and I doubt it will be fully automated because if something goes wrong VW will have to face lot many lawsuits.