Volkswagen develops semi-automated driving assistance system

by Gavril Mankoo

Driving a car down a straight flat road can be terribly boring and tiring at times. Most drivers on roads as such suffer from acute boredom and hand-aches. Nevada recently nodded in approval, allowing cars with auto-pilot systems on its roads. However, not too many self-driving cars have shown up in the market recently, and Volkswagen is busy putting together a similar system called a Temporary Auto Pilot. A form of a semi-automatic driving assistant, don’t go dreaming of enjoying a nap while the car takes you to your destination as yet. Instead, the system enables the car to latch on to a constant speed and keep safe distance away from nearby cars while making sure you don’t drive off the road.

However, if you end up driving down crowded city streets with a bunch of traffic lights slowing you down and groups of school kids crossing roads and such, we suggest you take the wheel in your own hands.

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