Voice controlled helicopter for the lazy kid

by shilpa

A new toy has been invented and launched in the Japanese market. It is an 18 cm helicopter that will respond to your voice over a radius of 10 metres. What do you suppose it can do the most save from – turn right, turn left, go down and go up? It can’t dance around or make you breakfast or do laundry for you. It is just a waste of money for some rich spoiled brat to buy and be amused while gorging on some exotic food his daddy’s chef made him. There seems to be no other purpose. With a remote control, the toy is more interactive and the child normally gets very involved.

When scientists think about inventing stuff, why do they refuse to use logic? The toy helicopter is being sold at $60 in Japan the company says it will be available in Asia, North America and Europe. Another requirement for the toy is that you be aware of either English or Japanese else the toy doesn’t budge.