Vodafone introduces 18-wheeler mobile charging station to show how big they can get!

by Gareth Mankoo

Network service providers know when to draw the line and that’s a pity. The brilliant few who do not draw this line shows us what we can have as far as brand awareness and hey, they show it to us really well. We buy the thought of Vodafone’s VIP Recharge Truck as one of the more extreme things done by the company. The truck’s always on the move and has enough juice built into it to charge phones in the UK. The idea is to have these around areas where the big festivals take place. Now, we will see a fewer number of people whining about running out of juice and missing the headlining band’s act.

There’s a charging capability of about 2,000 devices. Users will receive a bar code wristband after which they can leave their phone to charge and go back to the gig. This is only for Vodafone customers, looks like.

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