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Voce a new premium cell phone service

by Dhiram Shah

Dropped calls, poor network coverage, queued SMS’s and crappy handsets are the common complaints everyone has with their cell operator, hopefully you can bring an end to your cell phones woes by switching over to Voce, a premium cell phone service by luxury good retailer Neiman Marcus. It claims to have agreements with various wireless networks to ensure you get service coast to coast. As I had told it is a premium service so there is a $500 start up cost which gives you a premium handset with full insurance, accessories (Bluetooth headset, extra battery and 3 chargers) and sync software. There are no confusing terms and conditions but a flat montly fee of $200 which provides unlimited domestic calling and roaming, unlimited messaging along with free live directory assistance and a “voice personal mobile assistant” who provides everything from technical support to driving instructions. Subscribers are entitled to a new phone along with complete accessories every 12 months free of cost.

Voce sounds very good for heavy users and has many distinct advantages over regular service providers. However the handsets provided are not that great as you have to make a choice between Motorola Pebl, Razr, Nokia 7380, 8801 and Palm Treo 650.

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    The always fashionable folks at Neiman Marcus have decided to dip their delicate toes into the world of tech with a new cell phone service dubbed Voce. They’ve made agreements with other carriers to ensure you actually have coverage…


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