Vivitar 690 HD camcorder can dive underwater with you for $60 only

by ruchi

Vivitar has added an interesting underwater camcorder which packs a decent of capabilities for an extremely modest price tag. This 690 HD camcorder doesn’t qualify to be an epitome of cutting-edge technology but everything important has been taken care of. It can record videos at 720 x 1280 and 25fps and store it on the SD card. It can do motion-JPEG videos in an AVI wrapper and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. Other specs include a bright 2.0″ LCD, 4x Digital Zoom and TV out.

This camcorder also has a big LED lamp around the lens so that you can capture stuff underwater even if natural lighting isn’t sufficient. If you’re not exactly looking at some high-end pictures and just need some good ones to cherish, this one should do the trick. It is presently available in 8 color choices.