VivaLnk Inc. unlocks the Moto X with a digital tattoo

by Gavril Mankoo

We’re forever looking out for cooler ways to unlock our smartphones. Now that pattern locks, fingerprint scans and face recognition has turned common, Motorola joined hands with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group along with VivaLnk Inc. to come up with this fantastic concept, a tattoo that unlocks the Moto X smartphone! The digital tattoo is about the size of a nickel and is non-intrusive. To be worn on the inside of one’s wrist, this tattoo is made from an ultra-thin and flexible material. Using “e-skin” technology, the tattoo communicates wirelessly with the user’s smartphone and can be worn for up to 5 days!

digital-tattoo-moto-x-2The tattoo is capable of battling normal conditions such as perspiration, water and physical activity. To unlock the Moto X, a user simply needs to point the phone at the tattoo. This kicks up the NFC (near-field communication) technology packed into the tattoo, making logins secure and quick. Currently, this innovation by VivaLnk Inc. is available only for the Moto X. the company is looking forward to integrating the technology with more devices in the near future. Currently, the VivaLnk Inc. digital tattoo is available for $9.99 and comes in a pack of 10. The question is, how many of us will actually spend a good few dollars just to unlock a smartphone?