Virtual Butler mirror isn’t the prettiest of them all

by Gareth Mankoo

We cannot afford a butler these days, since they need to be well fed, well housed and above all, well paid. So how about a gizmo to do the trick. The Virtual Butler mirror is something that comes in as a great substitute to the bow-tied man. Like a real mirror, it can be mounted on a wall, has a good frame and all, and also connects to your alarms, doors, cameras, etc. It is heavily inspired by the early gizmos that we saw in Snow White’s stepmom’s room. Anyway, this one has a scary face that pops up to alert you about the goings-around in your abode.

Now you do not need to break your head behind the door that always opens on its own accord. Virtual Butler will come over to announce it. All you need is a Snow White stepmom budget of $20,000.

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