Virtual damsels set to get Japanese males addicted to coffee

by Gareth Mankoo

Absurd as it may sound; brands are going an extra mile, playing on human weaknesses to draw the consumer to the product. Like in Japan, Coke have devised a unique means to promote their Georgia coffee brand to male patrons through lure and masochistic bait. The coffee is available in over 20 varieties. The company has devised an app calked Hanaseru Jihanki Georgia, or a talking vending machine, for Android and iOS platforms. This soon gets you acquainted with six virtual women who will constantly badger you with messages revolving around the global love for coffee. The voices are intelligent and can speak and advise about the weather as well. It all begins when users scan the QR codes on the vending machines that they frequent.

The voices of the six virtual women mimic the voices of famous women in Japan, including Aoi Tamagi, a 21-year-old TV weather announcer. The good folks in Japan do enjoy respite from the ordinary with virtual substitutes and this has been fairly evident in the past.

[Via – Cnet]