Virgin to scrape Helio Ocean 2 off the ground but not until 2009

by mohsin

Helio’s Ocean on Virgin is touted as the best messaging phone and the best device that struggling little carrier ever had. Virgin bought out the carrier, which also uses the Sprint network, earlier this year, and since then subscribers and analysts alike have been waiting for the official word on what exactly will happen to the company. At CTIA, Virgin Mobile committed to releasing its follow-up, the Ocean 2 – but alas, in 2009. Keeping the dual-sliding form-factor of the original Ocean, it is suspected to have a 3-megapixel camera with 30fps video recording, together with a touch-sensitive navigation pad. According to the buzz, it has been manufactured, and there is a commitment to putting it on the market, but it is going to be in early 09. Virgin is looking at many changes now that they have absorbed Helio. They are talking to LG, Samsung and Kyocera about new phones, and they’re looking at filling in their lineup from low to high end.

However, with Ocean2 they’re not intending to carry smart phones, but beyond that, we should look for a lot of new offerings from Virgin in ’09.

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