Vintage Apple Macs get us nostalgic

by yogesh

Here is a look at 5 very vintage Macs that got us really nostalgic. At a time when we talk about GB and TeraByte its endearing to know that KB was a norm and no one was complaining.
5) 1984 Apple Macintosh
The Apple Macintosh was first Apple computer for consumers. It features 128 Kb of memory, a graphic user interface, 9 inch monochrome screen 512X342 pixels. Optional 400kb floppy drive for $400 bucks and it cost $2,400.

4) Apple IIc Plus
The $1099 Apple IIc Plus was one of the first computers to implement an internal supply unity rather than a “brick.”
3) The Apple Concept
Before building the actual thing, a prototype in wood was used, here we see a floppy drive slot in the front and a one button mouse.
2) iMac 2001
These $600 comps looked pleasing in their hip colors. You may still find them around in ancient abodes.
1) NEXT computer
Steve Jobs ditched Apple to work on his own project called NEXT computers. They ran the first GUI interface when everyone else was still using DOS. Regrettably the company lucked out and he returned to Apple, but this computer is still a remnant.

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