‘Villages Card Game’ will give Game of Thrones fans as real feel of conquest

by Gareth Mankoo

An interesting new game has hit famous crowd-funding platform, called Villages. Basically, a game of conquest and conquering, it enables users to discover new lands and help expand these while making some gold (presumable the in-game currency). What’s in store for buyers of this project is battles with neighbors and some pretty dastardly politics, all in a hand of playing cards! Well, that’s where the kick is. The casual rummy-styled game needs you to have three cards of the same color to begin building a village. Then there comes in the inevitable aspect of human greed and behold, that innocent looking child on your right will suddenly wage war against you to claim your village, you livestock and women!

The Villages game is a pretty interesting twist to strategy, action and arcade. It in fact brings all three elements together in a rather neutral approach. It supports 2 to 5 players and a game can last from 30 minutes to an entire hour. There are just a few hours to go to for the pledging, which seems to have overshot its target already, but then this could land you an early edition of the game.