Vikaura Screen with E Ink display will connect you to your world through your smartphone

by Shruti Shree

Talking and texting every time is not necessary when you want to convey your feelings, a picture as it can say a thousand words might be the best way to show how you feel sometimes. A picture of your little one on her fridge can make your mom’s day instantly. Sometimes, the small screen of your smartphone is just isn’t enough. Vikaura is such a device with E Ink display that will connect you to your world through your smartphone via app “linking” functionality and Bluetooth. You can keep Vikaura anywhere in the house, on your shelf or hang it on the living room wall and transfer not just pictures but also to do lists, your favourite recipes etc. You can also create an “at a glance” which will display information like weather, calendars, stock prices, reminders, notifications, etc. Not just you, but even your friends can send pictures or messages on Vikaura. And if all this functionality is not enough, you can even write your own app, the API for Vikaura will be available very soon free of charge.

vikaura-wireless-e-ink-display-1Due to the excellent Power Management system of Vikaura, it only needs to be charge once a week; also its battery will last for years. Vikaura is now on Kickstarter having achieved $30,155 as of now of its $125,000 goal, with 22 days remaining. Vikaura will be available in 4”, 6”, and 9.7” displays. Vikaura can be nice gift for your loved ones; a minimum pledge of $99 can get you the 4” Vikaura.