ViewSonic Diamani DUO Series of LCD TV doubles up as PC monitor

by radhika

ViewSonic have created a hybrid of sorts with their Diamani DUO Series of LCD TVs. Adding practicality to the display, it be used as both a TV and a PC monitor. There are two models in the series; the19-inch NX1932w and 22-inch NX2232w. What’s really missing with the sets is that the resolution is not 1080p, the highest resolution of the largest screen i.e. the 22-inches only 1680×1050; the 19” supports 1440×900 resolution. Both of them features 5ms response time, 2400:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 160/160 degrees viewing angle, HDTV tuner, built-in 10W speakers, and HDMI (for connecting to PCs, gaming consoles, camcorders, DVD players, cable or satellite boxes and digital media players).

ViewSonic Diamani DUO Series NX1932w is available for $349and NX2232w for $399.
PCLaunches via Gizmodo

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