Vierti LED Dimmer from Lutron

by Dhiram Shah

Sleek and sophisticated, the Vierti LED Dimmer from Lutron complements almost any room that you use it in. Almost like magic, you need to simply swipe your finger (up or down) the LED panel to either increase or dim the lighting. The light control is divided into two sections. The smaller bottom section needs to be pressed to switch the lights on or off. The longer top section is where you control the dimmer. The LED lights present an interactive display that indicates the light’s current setting. Minimal fuss with excellent designing is what you get with Vierti.

Vierti Dimmer by Lutron is available with LED lights in blue, white and green and with wall plates in a selection of finishes and will be available in Fall 2007.
Via – Luxurylaunches

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