Videogame maker Namco will sell potato chip flavored soda in Japan

by Gareth Mankoo

Namco game centers across Japan will be celebrating a unique addition to their collection. It comes with a hint at great taste for unhealthy foods that gamers brag about as well as the habit of turning into unforgivable couch potatoes. The laze and the appetite has inspired a concoction that will be a mix of potato chips and cola. It’s not unfamiliar to some folk back there to experience chips that taste like cola. Even those surfaced last year. The new cola with the potato chips essence will arrive at Namco game centers in a limited release. The taste hints at the one you experience when you have a generous swig of cola after chomping on a handful of chips.

This makes us wonder what possibilities could be explored to recreate the magic of our favorite beverage and eatery combinations. I personally love orange soda to wash down my fried chicken. However, I have come to appreciate the fact that there isn’t someone to blend those two in a drink. It would mess my orange soda up completely!

[ Via : Rocketnews24 ]

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