Video: Toshiba scans fruits, sans barcodes

by Gareth Mankoo

The supermarket is a place where things happen. Both, intentional and not, these things make a living hell out of a normal trip to the mart. Often, the hurried frenzy to get to the check-out counter before anyone else results in picking the wrong fruit and then being scolded once home. Save yourself the rebuke and the annoyances by resorting to the Toshiba Supermarket Scanner. It recognizes fruits without looking specifically for barcodes. With the help of optical pattern recognition technology filter the device recognizes the specifics of fruits and other products and can tell them apart. Video after the jump.

The functionality of the scanner can also extend to scan labels and coupons. Of course, it will not be until at least a year that the device will be trained enough, with a populated database that knows and recognizes just about everything on the shelf.