Video of the first iPhone rip-off

by Dhiram Shah

We have published quite a few iPhone knockoffs earlier, here we have the video of the first iPhone knock off, from where else but China. Features include: 2 Megapixel camera for photos and movies in MPEG4 format 2 SIM-Cards, which you can switch between on the fly, WAP browser, 64MB of built-in memory, 256 MB micro SD Card in an expansion slot, Stereo speakers on the front face and two additional speakers on the back that boast “3D Sound”, USB-connector, Removable battery!
(Thanks Jim)


  1. bluderfok

    This is clearly a fake, if you look at it carefully you can see the text on the logo which is tPhone not iPhone

  2. MikeM709

    Yea its definitely fake because also when it starts up thats the Windows start up thing found on XPs.

  3. Rick

    Yeah… because it wasn’t obvious enough by the title of the article and the ENTIRE ARTICLE ITSELF!
    I’m really not sure if humans can get anymore intelligent… which scares me

  4. bluder

    This is clearly a fake, if you look at the battery you can see that there is a removable battery.

  5. me

    bluderfok, “knock-off” is another way of saying fake.

  6. Psyko M.

    If you ask me, it’s better then the IPhone.
    You don’t have to sign up for stupid Itunes, and convert everything over to Apple’s Crap=time format.

  7. Mike

    Actually, I’m pretty damn impressed.
    This is one hell of an amazing knock off.
    If you gave the developers of this knock off a year, they might very well completely clone the iphone where the iphone took years to develop. Amazing!

  8. Vlad Zvorak

    Well done blunder****, you are so smart. I didn’t realise it was a fake until you pointed it out. Not even the title of the web page made me realise!
    The phone is hilarious. I especially enjoyed the very un-Mac windows startup sound. Nice,
    You want fried rice with that?

  9. LordRobin

    Oh, yeah, perfect knock-off… Except for the fact that you use a stylus instead of your fingers and it doesn’t have multi-touch recognition, which is kinda the major revolutionary bit of the iPhone.
    Does this phone recognize when you turn it on its side and rotate the image? Didn’t think so!

  10. alexislli

    I can see it… iPhone pictures on every newspaper and magazine, featured on every talkshow, and iPhone clips dominating the top10 most viewed on YouTube.

  11. andersonoscar5

    The iPhone, as Jobs proudly dubbed the device to thunderous applause, will be three devices in one: a cell phone, a wide screen iPod with touch controls, and an Internet communications device


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