Video iPod shipped with Windows virus

by Dhiram Shah

OMG this is really scary as we had the last laugh on the McDonalds virus infected MP3 player fiasco and now Apple just confirms that around 1 % of Video iPods shipped after September 12, 2006 came with RavMonE.exe virus. So what exactly is RavMonE.exe, it is a backdoor Trojan which reduces system security, changes browser settings making your system more susceptible to attacks and once all this is done it contacts several remote sites to report the infection and availability of the backdoor. As always Mac users can relax as it affects only Windows PCs. Apple’s website says As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it. Frankly Apple this Windows bashing is getting a bit overhead now, do you wish to tell us that you use Windows machines to control your iPod production line and how on earth did the virus come in the first place.

So in case you have got a iPod Video after Sep 12 you better update your virus definations and scan your system.
Small Number of Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus – Apple


  1. Yeppoo

    So just because hackers don’t find Apples as attractive targets, they have better virus control?
    Windows sucks, Apple is lame and the fact that allmost all games and apps are made for windows is the lamest.

  2. LiKeMiKeS

    Seeing as how nobody clicked on the link to the second article about Apple Video iPod, here is a synopsis of both articles.
    [quote=Jamie October 14, 2006 7:24 PM]
    You mean Apple Branded? And also iPod?[/quote]
    You were right! to question the content, but if you had clicked the link next to the big [b]UPDATE[/B] link at the bottom of the article [url=”https://www.newlaunches.com/archives/video_ipod_shipped_with_windows_virus.php”][u]Apple ships Video iPods with Windows virus[/u][/url]
    – you wouldn’t have written what you did! =|
    Yes it is an MP3/DAP Player(No mention of product manufacturer) from and branded as McDonalds with the ‘QQpass’ Trojan(Very Nasty), and Yes Apple did distribute a ‘Video iPod’ for Windows based PC’s with the ‘RavMonE’ Virus(also Nasty) – both of which are backdoor type Malware! See, now that didn’t hurt a bit did it? 😀
    I couldn’t believe how many(about 90%) people were just ragging on you – instead of taking a few extra minutes to explain that you were right! The reason being?, they didn’t know themselves! – because they didn’t click on the ‘Video iPods’ link either!
    Jamie, if you come back and happen to read this – please understand, they know not what they do until they’re done! K!
    So, hopefully this little excerpt will restore your faith in the common surfer – at least to the point that you can say, “there’s still hope out there somewhere!” 🙂
    Although if you’ll notice, this site is an AD driven search engine, focused on selling the same type of products as the articles they publish!
    Something to ponder! aye?

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