Video: Fridge magnets get really useful with pizza ordering capabilities

by Gareth Mankoo

One tap, that’s all it takes for this cool fridge magnet to realize your need of the hour and order a pizza that you want. This happens to be the way pizzas will be ordered in Dubai. Thanks to this cool fridge magnet, called the VIP Fridge Magnet. The magnet places an order with Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai and connects online via Bluetooth. The order is backed up by a confirmation mail after which the necessary delivery is made. You need to set and customize your pizza order online and have it on your doorstep within minutes, piping hot and definitely delicious. Check the video after the jump.

Will the VIP Fridge Magnet beat Domino’s app? Who cares? Just get us geeks some good pizza and your tech sins are forgotten.
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