Video: See through backseat illusion helps flawless reversing

by Gareth Mankoo

Motorists may be good on the road, moving ahead and maneuvering with dexterity and virtue. However, the real proving ground is a parking lot where backing a car lets many drivers down. But thanks to this cool transparent backseat rearview technology, developed by Japan’s Keio University, drivers can see ‘through’ their backseats. It doesn’t take genius to figure out how this could be possible. The system has cameras mounted at the back of cars, this is linked to a projector under the front seats that makes the back seats look transparent. These images are projected on a mirror of sorts near the driver. The driver also receives the amazing view of see through back seats when he turns around.

The difference that this view makes, according to the maker, is a sense of depth in the rear surroundings. It’s quite freaky so see your car virtually backless. But tech like this sells to
major car makers.


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