Video: Behold the phone that switches between two Android versions at the press of a button

by Gareth Mankoo

A couple of students from St. Petersburg Academy have gone on to crate a magical smartphone experience that lets users switch between two Android versions with a mere press of a button. Why someone would need to go about doing this is not what we’re here to answer. This could well be some serious geeklust for those who are into modding. Users could explore new versions of the operating system without compromising on the comfort they enjoy with older versions and fooling their UI with a mundane skin. Currently, you would end up investing up to half an hour to fully backup and restore your ROM, however, this new development makes the transition as swift as a Parallel that switches between Mac OS and Windows. What’s more is that the data on both ROMs remains intact.

The video hither illustrates how the switching between outdated versions of Android and CyanogenMod running on a Galaxy S2 work. The team is currently testing a Nexus S phone. We’re looking forward to more from this front.

[Via – Geek]

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