Victorian Filigree iPhone Case Screams Kitsch, But Looks Lovely!

by iona

OK, I normally rip the life out of anything I perceive as slightly pretentious – just see how I shredded TON’s golden Buddha speaker yesterday. My initial reaction to a Victorian filigree swirl iPhone case was gut-wrenching. However, I must admit that I quite like this design. Designed by C Westbrook Designs in San Francisco, and manufactured by Shapeways in the Netherlands, this case not only protects your iPhone from knocks and bumps, but looks really rather pretty, in a gothic vampire kind of way. The case is available in several colors, including rose pink, fiery red, rusty red, royal violet, denim blue and charcoal black and best of all, each one is made to order. You may have to wait up to five weeks for yours to arrive, but it is so worth it, no?

The iPhone 4 Victorian Filigree Swirl Case is available for $59.99 from