Vibrative Virtual Keyboard for iPhone leverages accelerometer

by Gareth Mankoo

Swiss designer, Florian Krautii has managed to take iPhone text impute experiences to the next level, with the Vibrative Virtual Keyboard. This technology leverages the benefits of the device’s 3-dimensional accelerometer to translate vibrations from different surfaces. These are caused by the tapping action of users, on effective surfaces. The application takes in particular characters based on a previous markings on paper. With the help of a special software the program is able to generate a series of defined patterns using frequencies collected from the data.

Vibrative Virtual Keyboard from Florian Kräutli on Vimeo.

Basically, the Vibrative Virtual Keyboard for iPhone makes use of vibrations from simulated key presses. We saw something similar from the viral video which predicted the coming of the Mozilla phone. In that case however, the phone made use of simulations from a projection, rather than vibrations.


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