Vibrating ‘Dreams Come True’ toy relaxes senses, brings sleep quicker

by Gareth Mankoo

A good night’s sleep is but a luxury in this rat race we call life. So anything to help us sink into REM without a pounding memory or straining tendon would work. The International Tokyo Toy Show 2013 had a peculiar little contraption on display that could well make nights a lot more relaxing. Called the DCT (Dreams Come True), the toy manages to create pulsating vibrations, as mild as a heartbeat that is said to have calming effects. It consists of an egg-shaped little body with a circular button in between that triggers off these pulses. These are said to send some relaxing signals to your brain and mess with your autonomic nervous system in a good kind of way. The translation’s messed up but we get the drift, don’t we?

I’d rather have those soothing whale sounds put me to sleep rather than invest 3,365 Yen ($35) on this queer contraption. However, they have dressed it pretty with a little rabbit suit in which the ‘vibrator’ nestles. How convincing.






[Via – Impress]