VIA Eden X2 processor sports low-power dual-core

by Gareth Mankoo

Kill the heat-sinks and all the noise and space hurdles they cause with the VIA Eden X2 dual-core processors. What you get is a power-saving, highly-efficient processing solution. You are ensured with stability and advanced reliability, all, with the advantage of the fanless operating principle. There’s a 7-year guarantee for the paranoid and those who use mission critical data systems that need efficiency, power savings and reliability. A single die of the X2 will sport a couple of 64-bit, superscalar VIA Eden cores. Multi-tasking and multimedia applications will now have a stronger support to lean on.

The VIA Eden X2 processor is expected to be showcased at Embedded World 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany. They might as well debut here.

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