Very creepy self-moving chairs by Nissan are sticklers for neatness

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s never too good to enter a conference room or office with chairs set out in a disharmonic arrangement. So, we can resort to a rather eerie solution to ensure that these chairs are driven by themselves to their rightful place in a manner that would make Carrie proud. Though we have no tele-kinetic powers in a human at play here, the chairs manage to find their correct positions with the help of four motion cameras on the walls that identify when the chairs have to be moved.

Of course, this is not likely to hit the market any time soon as it is only a concept to prove that Nissan have their intelligent parking assist feature as functional as chairs that manage to park themselves. Imagine all the OCD cravings that can be put to rest with this technology. I’d like everything to move back to where it should be once I’m done with it just as the innkeepers in the non-Muggle world managed it.

[ Via : Engadget ]

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