Vers 1.5R alarm clock radio with iPod dock

by mohsin

Sharing many of its features with the existing Vers 2X system, this new system packages them into a smaller product. Vers will offer the 1.5R in the same wood finishes as the 2X, including Natural Bamboo, Natural Cherry, Natural Walnut and Dark Walnut as part of the company’s environmentally friendly-focus. The compact and versatile Vers 1.5R is good for a bedside table, but its compact size makes it a great all-in-one iPod sound system for any room. The Vers includes a 15W speaker and backlit LCD display to show music info. It is compatible will all docking iPod models expect for generation 3 devices, and comes with an 18-function IR remote. Users can choose to wake up to a pre-set AM or FM radio station or music stored on their iPods. Other personal audio players can be connected via a 3.5mm auxiliary input.

The Vers 1.5R has a price of approx $200, for the Natural Cherry, Natural Walnut, and Dark Walnut models and $219.99 for Natural Bamboo.

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