Verizon iPhone 4 Gets Impressive Reviews

by ruchi

Everybody around the tech town was looking forward to 3rd February to see what kind of damage Verizon iPhone could do to AT&T’s offering. The reviews have started coming in and as confided by many, the switch to Big Red from AT&T has been a heaven-like experience. We earlier spoke of the fact that AT&T customers were unhappy owing to trouble spots in the carrier’s 3G services, absence of unlimited internet data plans and high call drop rates. Verizon seems to have garnered their major chunk of subscribers by superseding this very set of deficiencies.

It can be said that iPhone 4 is a backward step for Verizon for it has recently launched 4G LTE network. iPhone 4 CDMA will not be compatible with 4G LTE network but Apple executives have hinted that CDMA version(or even dual edition with GSM capabilities) of iPhone 5 would soon be available.But there are some areas where Verizon does just the same job as AT&T. Though data transfer speeds were comparatively more consistent, it did not touch beyond 1.4 Mbps on downloads and 0.5 Mbps on uploads.
Verizon’s iPhone will be running iOS 4.2.6 which doesn’t seem to exceptional variations except the addition of Personal Hotspot. The hiccup with Verizon’s CDMA network is that it does not support simultaneous data and voice. But since GSM can handle that, we are hoping GSM capable iPhone 5 is introduced sans any cruel teasing.In case you want to go through a detailed coverage of the specifications, you can check our previous coverage of the same.
The battery life however has been touted to be phenomenal as even with heavy usage, the phone continues to remain alive for more than 24 hours. Verizon has kept the same monthly plans for iPhone as it is for other smartphones. There is a $29.99/month plan for unlimited data. With an additional $20/month, user can opt for f 2GB of tethering data. An unlimited nationwide voice plan coupled with unlimited texting is for $59 plan/month. So in all you’d be shelling out close to minimum of $90/month to be able to make the best of your iPhone 4. We can say that finally Verizon’s iPhone 4 does bring an end to AT&T’s 3.5 years of roaring success owing to its exclusive contract it had with iPhone.