Verizon Blackberry Bold 9930 leaked by Verizon

by Dhiram Shah

No one can keep secrets like Apple does, further making that belief strong is this leak from Verizon whereby the carrier accidently leaked the upcoming Blackberry Bold 9930.
If you go to VZW’s sales page for the Blackberry 9650 and click on the “Explore Features” video, you get an unexpected treat: a walkthrough not of the 9650, but of the unreleased Bold 9930.
The rumored specs were true and the phone carries a 2.8 inch touchscreen, Blackberry OS 7.0, 1.2 Ghz processor and 5 megapixel camera with flash. Engadget has copied the video before Verizon could pull it down, check it out after the jump.

[Verizon via Engadget]