Verbarius electronic clock from Art Lebedev spells the time

by Dhiram Shah

“Verbarius is the first clock in the world that writes the time in human languages.” Or is the conception. But personally I think it is a pretty tacky idea. The thing that makes Verbarius so different is that it actually spells out the time. Pretty much what my first grade teacher taught me when I was in school. This clock spells the time in five different languages (for different time zones I guess). The only ‘fun quotient’ is that it changes up its verbiage each time you ask it the time, displaying variations like “forty-five minutes past four,” “fifteen minutes to five,” “four forty-five”, and “a quarter to five.” Actually I think it may be a neat handy teaching aid for your kids incase they fit that age bracket! The Verbarius electronic clock from Art Lebedev will be ready to ship in November, but considering their track records, I think a minor delay is no-sweat!

You can pre-order the Verbarius electronic clock from Art Lebedev for a discounted price of $158.25, available to those who order before September 1st, after which the price goes up- $180.

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