Venomsnow’s Switchboard ready to ski the slopes

by radhika

Itching to hit the ski slopes again this winter, maybe you need to try out something different this year. How about Venomsnow’s double-hinged Switchboard? Hopefully this gear will open up a new segment in the winter sports market alongside skiing and snowboard. Designed on the lines of a snowboard this innovative product from the Netherlands is pretty intriguing. The Switchboard features two short woodcore boards joined end-to-end on a double hinge, with lightweight footstraps on top, twin skates underneath the rear board, and an aluminum steering bar on a pogo stick-like suspension unit mounted on the front board. Thanks to the double hinge action you can bend the board up and down, left or right in the middle to carve tight curves and follow bumpy terrain. The steering bar allows riders to initiate turns and haul the front end up in jumps.

The Switchboard doesn’t require any special footwear. It simply has a pair of loose straps front and back that you can slip your feet into in your sneakers. Venomsnow are seeking international dealers and sales reps, and currently have outlets in Austria, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA.

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