Vending machines with high definition transparent touchscreen developed by Sanden and Intel

by Gavril Mankoo

The vending machines we’re all to used to using, be it in the hallways of institutions or along piers, are about to receive a technological upgrade, thanks to this new concept developed by Sanden in conjunction with Okaya Electronics and Intel. The revamped vending machine uses a 65-inch Full HD transparent display that enables users to see the products behind the display screen while simultaneously being informed in high definition text and pictures in regards to the products. And that’s not all. The display screen also shows up high definition flash animations, further enhancing the use of the vending machine. When unused, the machines show up a large clock and animations as per the host company’s requirements. The creators of this one envision vending machines to be used to purchase luxurious items besides the usual soft drinks and snacks, including wines and cosmetics.


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