Veency gives VooDoo like control over your iPhone

by mohsin

Some years ago when I owned a Pocket PC phone I was facinated by a neat software called Pocket Controller. The software did as it was named, it controlled my phone on the PC as a small gadget which gave VooDoo like powers over my phone. The software was a third party application which easily installed over the phone and worked flawlessly, if you ever wanted such control over your iPhone then your day has come too. Meet Veency a new software that works on your jailbroken iPhone only, and gives you ultimate control over your iPhone from anywhere. Among the things you can do with the Veency from your desktop are, Launch applications on your iPhone, reply to emails, text messages, and more using the keyboard instead of the sometimes-cumbersome touchscreen. Then rearrange icons, lock/Unlock your iPhone, browse through Photos and Contacts. All with the touch of your mouse or keyboard just like any other software application. You cannot however, multi touch while you control it for obvious reasons. (One mouse pointer)

Veency connects to your CPU via a Wi-Fi connection, using the UltraVNC or TightVNC to connect to your Windows desktop and the Chicken VNC to connect to a MAC.

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