Vectrotel X8 the most secure cell phone

by Dhiram Shah

Paranoid that someone might be snooping your conversation on the cell-phone. Well, then you might be interested in Vectrotel X8. It is made by Swiss company Vectrotel the X8 is a GSM cell phone that encrypts your conversations with an unbreakable cypher. Here’s how the phone works:- when a secure or a regular call is placed it performs a 1024-bit Diffie-Hellman shared secret exchange, to generate a secret 128-bit key. This process takes between 10 to 30 seconds. The beauty is from the fact that only the two phones share this unique key: it is generated before each call, and deleted after each call. Neat!! The only flip side is that there is small delay and your voice is slightly metallic but you can rest assured that your conversation is safe from prying ears. Additional security and integrity is ensured by a calculated HASH checksum that is indicated on the display.

To protect you from misuse by a third party we secured the crypto functions by a user-determined PIN code. What’s even more interesting is that they have made the phone inconspicuous. The triband unit looks (and also works) like a regular cell phone, and even boasts some decent specs: IR, Bluetooth and USB connections, 1.3MP camera, 240 X 320 QVGA screen, 5 hours regular and 4 hours encrypted talktime. There’s no word on price, although something this proprietary and unique can’t be cheap.

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