UWB Hub coming in October

by Dhiram Shah

Japan based Y-E Data Inc. has announced the development of the “Wireless Hub” based on UWB (ultra wideband) wireless technology which is the first ever commercial application for UWB ever announced. The Wireless Hub mounts a UWB wireless communication module, as well as four USB ports. It also uses a USB dongle featuring UWB wireless capability which is connected to the PC. Meanwhile, a printer, digital camera and other computer peripherals with USB ports are connected to the wireless hub. Then the USB dongle and hub connect the PC and these peripherals through high speed wireless communication using UWB. In absence of obstacles the effective data transfer rate reaches around 100 mbps in a 10 meter distance.

The latest product’s UWB wireless output level is lower than -41.3 dBm. It uses a frequency channel from 4.224 to 4.752 GHz. The UWB Wireless hub will rbe available in Japan from October 21st in the price range of 25,000 to 40000 Yen ($ 210 to $ 340).


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