Using Your Laptop on Your Lap Can Toast Your Skin and Scrotum

by iona

Now, this is very interesting. We all know that using a mouse without a wrist support can lead to RSI, but did you know that working with your laptop on your lap for prolonged periods can give you toasted skin syndrome? The condition even has a medical name, “erythema ab igne” and can be caused by lengthy exposure to heat or infrared radiation, from heat pads and even laptops. Dr. Kimberley Salkey, Assistant Dermatology Professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, says that the damage is similar to that caused by long-term sun exposure. It makes the skin look mottled, and if exposed for long enough, the effect can be permanent. It’s even worse for men. Doctors have discovered that chaps who work for prolonged periods with their laptops on their laps have high scrotum temperatures, which isn’t good for your swimmers, boys!

For those of you who have been working with your laptop on your lap, I recommend you invest in a laptop cooler before your skin or scrotum get any more toasty.

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