USB Skype Mouse

by radhika

What do you get when you cross a mouse with a phone? You get the USB Skype Mouse! From the house of Brando comes this spectacular new mouse that morphs into a phone. It kinda reminds me of those transformers that are the current rage. This optical mouse can be used as a mini computer Hi-Fi speaker to play music as well. And when you flip the cover of the mouse it magically transforms to a fully functional keypad which features an LCD screen. With this you can make and receive VoIP calls in a jiffy. It supports various VoIP services like Skype, VoIPDiscount, VoIPStunt, VoIPCheap, VoIPButser, SparVoIP, Internetcalls, WebCallDirect, VoIPCheapCom, FreeCall and NetAppel. As a mouse it functions with 800dpi optical sensor. When used as a speaker it boasts of crystal clear voice quality with 16-bit 48KHz sampling rate. It comes with a earphone to keep the mumbo-jumbo to yourself.

When you use the USB Skype Mouse as a VoIP, the morph sports a multi-language supported backlit LCD (128 x 64 pixel) and has a hands-free speakerphone feature. You can use one of the chord music as ring tones. It intuitive mouse can auto-detect the function between mouse and VoIP phone. The VoIP displays the contact list, call list, call history, time, and caller ID. It costs $32.

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