USB sewing machines from Brother the Innovis M200 and N150

by Dhiram Shah

Brother corp Japan has launched the Innovis range of sewing machines which connect to the PC via USB and can be operated via the PC. There are two models the “Innovis M200” and the “Innovis N150” A special embroidery add on can be attached to the N150 for complicated designs. There are preset designs in their internal memory such as Traditional Chinese and Japanese fonts, Patterns, Stitches and Mickey mouse. New designs can be downloaded from the company’s website which will be updated regularly with fresh designs. It can make a design of 18 x 13 cms. Instructions are displayed on a color touchscreen, using which sewing patterns and other options can be changed. They will be available in Japan from 1st November. Size is common 436 x 204 x 292mm, the M200 weighs 11.7 kg and the N150 10.0 kg. The M200 costs $ 2375 and the N150 costs $ 1800.

"Innovis N150"

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