USB Rug is not a flying carpet, keeps you warm though

by Shayne Rana

Thanko designs are as innovative or ‘out there’ as they come. They’ve got USB devices for any and all occasions and for all purposes. The latest is in sleep ware. If you’re thinking USB powered pajamas hold that thought, those might be available some day too, but for now a USB powered heated rug is what’s on the menu. For those cold winter nights when you’re all alone in your boudoir, this handy USB device is just the ticket to warm up the old body. In fact it’s not just a simple rug, this ‘multi-purpose’ device can also be used as a blanket, or cushion or even a pillow. The company also prescribes it for animal lovers to keep their pets warm.

The rug is priced at about $22. The USB rug comes with a 130cm long USB cable that’s also AC compatible. It weighs just about 325g and comes with a neat folding system so it can be safely tucked away for a rainy day when you’re just dying to get a little cozy and warm.

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