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USB Putt Returner, go putt, putt, putting

by yogesh

Now that you have mastered your stroke on the golf course, it’s time for some tabletop action. For the days that you don’t have the time (or cant sneak out) for a full-fledge game, compensate with the USB Putt Returner. Hook it onto the comp via the USB port and you are ready to roll. Place the ball on your desk a short distance away from the Putt Returner and carefully line up your putt. Strike the ball smoothly with your miniature putter. If you hole your putt the ball will be sent right back to you!

The USB Putt Returner works with all PC operating systems including Windows Vista. It costs £9.99 or $20.
Pack Contains:
1 USB Putt Returner with flag
2 Miniature putters
6 Miniature golf balls
Putt Returner: L 160mm W 70mm H(with flag) 88mm
Golf Clubs: L 75mm W 28mm
Golf Balls: Ø 12mm
USB Lead: L(approx.) 1100mm

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  1. LAME

    who needs this crap on their desk? Why not use a real putter and ball return? Then at least you’ll be building a skill. It’s like Guitar Hero… a copy and a waste of time. Your mom.

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